Caravan Holidays in Gwynedd

Discover Gwynedd on your next caravan holiday

This strikingly beautiful county is a place of enchantment; overflowing with mighty mountains, peaceful valleys, descending rivers, enchanted forests and mythical castles. Not only is there stunning countryside, Gwynedd has a glorious coastline with sandy beaches and quaint coastal resorts excellent for family caravan holidays. It also offers culture, a heritage and a language of its own and is where the breath-taking Snowdonia National Park can be found.


Across the bridge from Anglesey, Bangor is the largest town in Gwynedd and is dominated by Bangor Mountain. Walk out onto the Victorian pier to admire the sweeping views of the Menai Straits. Visit the spectacular, National Trust owned, Penrhyn Castle to see its unique architecture, luxurious interiors and exquisite art collection. This university town takes pride in its thirteenth to fifteenth century cathedral which boasts the longest continuous use of any cathedral in Britain. Along with its unique atmosphere and beautiful setting, Bangor is a top shopping destination.

Llyn Peninsula

Extending out from the North West of Wales, around a quarter of the Llyn Peninsula is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Although known for its popular beaches and family-friendly resorts, many say the coast’s overriding feature is its untamed beauty. Your caravan holiday here is sure to be memorable – the views are most striking in the far West and along the mountain backed northern shores. Travel even further and take a boat trip to Bardsey Island, where you’ll have a few hours to explore the stunning landscapes brimming with wildlife, history, spirituality and Welsh culture.


Set at the Southern entrance to the Menai Strait, Caernarfon attracts visitors all year round. Home to one of the most famous castles in Wales, Caernarfon Castle dominates this medieval walled county town. The distinctive polynal-towered castle was built in the 13th century by Edward I as a royal palace and military fortress and attracts an abundance of attention. Beyond the castle and in the town, you can wander the narrow streets dotted with unique shops and the stylishly redeveloped waterfront. Make sure to visit this incredible market town on your caravan holiday.


Snowdonia is the largest National Park in Wales and boasts a dramatic mountain range, steep river rges and waterfalls, a coastline of sandy beaches and picturesque villages. Admire panoramic views from the top of Wales' tallest mountain, Mount Snowdon. Standing at 1,085m above sea level, it has a choice of six main paths, or you can relax and reach the summit by train. Snowdonia has become one of the most desired locations for outdoor activities in the UK, where you can enjoy cycling, climbing, horse riding, fishing and water sports on your adventurous caravan holiday.

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