Caravan Holidays in East England

Discover the East of England on your next caravan holiday

With 500 miles of coastline you can explore the wonderful sandy beaches, creeks and saltmarshes whilst the steep coastal cliffs provide the perfect backdrop.

But your caravan holiday in the East of England won’t just consist of eating ice cream on lden sands, as you won’t be able to miss the distinctive architecture, traditions and rural character in both its cities and countryside.

Nature lovers will find the East of England a rich area to visit with its bird reserves, seal colonies and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Or choose to spend your days exploring the quaint passages of Cambridge, admiring the stunning architecture and beautiful college buildings. 


The county of Bedfordshire provides the perfect combination of rural countryside, English towns and stately homes that are ready to explore.


A charming blend of thriving cathedral cities, vast fenland and winding rivers that creates a county with a unique appeal to all ages.


This county of contrasts is steeped in rich history. You can enjoy a combination of seaside tranquillity and countryside all in one holiday.


With such a wealth of heritage and countryside, the contrast with London, just a short train journey away, is fascinating.


You’ll spend most of your time outdoors in Norfolk, with sandy beaches, seaside towns and a stunning national park to explore.


A county that offers both adventure and tranquillity with a spectacular coastline, quaint towns and villages and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Parks within East England
227 Parks, with 2 Properties

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