Frequently Asked Questions about Holiday Caravans Direct

Pre-Launch FAQs for Owners

General Questions

When will Holiday Caravans Direct be launching?

We are excited to be launching in 2019. Owners and Agents who list their caravans free on our site at launch will benefit from our high profile promotional campaign. To receive notifications about listing your caravan, please register your interest here.

Why is Holiday Caravans Direct better than other sites?

Holiday Caravans Direct offers a number of exclusive benefits – specifically designed using our experience in this sector.  Benefits include:

  • No charge for registration or listing your caravan
  • ID checks on Guests and Owners
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Sophisticated booking ‘Toolbox’ with Live Availability Calendar and booking functionality.

Can I still advertise on other websites?

Yes, you can still advertise on other websites. Becoming an Owner with Holiday Caravans Direct will not restrict you from advertising your caravan elsewhere.

Holiday Caravans Direct includes a flexible Live Availability Calendar allowing you to reserve dates for your own private bookings or personal use.

Does it matter where my caravan is?

Holiday Caravans Direct is a national website – with listings for caravans in holiday parks all over the UK.

Does the age of my caravan matter?

Not at all. Holiday Caravans Direct will accept listings for caravans of any age or size, as long as they are well maintained and reach all the relevant industry Health and Safety standards.

Can I list my lodge on the website?

Holiday Caravans Direct is for caravans and lodges – we welcome listings for both.

How will it work?

How will it work once Holiday Caravans Direct is live?

Step 1

Register as an Owner

Complete the Owner registration and create your caravan listing. You will have the facilities to add your own description, select features and add photographs of both your caravan and the park. Set your prices, validate your account and your listing will go live.

Step 2

Adding advanced features

Once you have successfully registered with Holiday Caravans Direct, you will have full access to the unique and advanced Toolbox where you can create an automatic discounting system and set up text and email notifications.

Step 3

Bookings are made

Once your listing is live, your holiday home will be available for Guests to book immediately.  Payment is handled by Holiday Caravans Direct and taken via our secure payment gateway.

How will I receive bookings from Guests?

When a Guest makes a booking, your Live Availability Calendar is immediately updated.  You do not need to do anything. You will be notified of the booking by email and text and provided with the details.

When will I be able to start listing my caravan?

Anyone who registers on our pre-launch site will receive notifications when the new site goes live to Owners.  There will be a period during which Owners will be able to upload their listing before the promotional activity starts to launch the website.

Do I have to notify my caravan site if I register with you?

That depends on the terms of your individual site but as far as the majority of parks are concerned, registering with Holiday Caravans Direct is no different to you organising private rentals and therefore it should not be necessary.

How do I get paid?

In order to ensure optimum security for everyone, payment will be made to your account on the first Friday (being a business day) after a Guest’s Check-out Date.

If there is less than 2 clear Business Days from a Guest’s Check-out Date, payment will be made to your account on the following Friday (being a Business Day).

How does Holiday Caravans Direct get paid?

You decide on the pricing for your caravan and enter the price to be listed into our system. Once the holiday is sold, a small commission of 3% is deducted and paid to Holiday Caravans Direct.

Are there any other charges?

In addition there is a Customer Service Charge of 5% paid by Guests to cover administration costs. Once your pricing has been uploaded, a 5% fee is added and this is automatically paid to Holiday Caravans Direct.

Please note, there are no charges at all for bookings that you make yourself – whether they are for your private bookings or personal use.

Our Invitation

How do I register my interest?

We are inviting Owners to join our new and exciting innovation for caravan lettings. Click here to accept our invitation and register your interest.

What do I need to register?

For now, all we need is your name, email address and your Owner status (e.g. single caravan Owner, multiple caravan Owner, Agent or Park Owner).

What do I get when I register?

Once you have completed the registration form, you will receive a confirmation email from us with an attached PDF ‘New Owner Brochure’.

As we approach our launch date, we will keep you updated with exclusive news and sneak peeks of what’s to come.